Health Matters for You

Talks schedule


Forthcoming Family Health and Wellbeing Talks



 In Kings Langley, Hertfordshire


 9.30-11.30am on Wednesdays:


11th Jan:  Sleep -
ow does it contribute to health and wellbeing?

 8th Feb:   Telepathy and ESP -
what evidence is there?

 8th Mar:   Light -
how does it contribute to health?

 5th Apr:   The pineal gland -
what does it do?

24th May:  Dementia - is it possible to prevent its onset?

14th Jun:   Meditation - how does it contribute to health?

12th Jul:    Fasting - is it good for your health?

13th Sep:   Emotions - how do they affect our health?

 4th Oct:    The Immune System - how can we strengthen it?

 8th Nov:   Superfoods - how can we enrich our diets the natural way?

 6th Dec:   Detoxification - how can we reduce the burden on the body?

  Talks at the Bagnall Centre, Chesham

   10am-12pm on Mondays:


 8th May:   Osteoarthritis - is it possible to reduce the symptoms?

12th Jun:   Keeping our sight - how can we maximise the health o
f our eyes?

 3rd Jul:     Herbal Medicine - medical versus holistic approaches

18th Sep:   PNI - how do the mind, nervous and immune systems interact?

23rd Oct:   Somatisation - how do emotions affect the body?

20th Nov:   Light - how does it contribute to health?

11th Dec:   Cranial therapies - how could they contribute to health?


Each session will include time for questions, answers and general discussion during a break for tea.

Please arrive promptly to avoid disruption of the group.

Cost: £10 per session

Booking - for further details or to book your place, email   or call  07891 095648