Health Matters for You

Talks schedule


Forthcoming Family Health and Wellbeing Talks



  In Kings Langley, Hertfordshire


  9.30-11.30am on Wednesdays:


  16th Jan:  Microplastics - why are they such a risk?

  13th Feb:  Keeping our sight - how can we maximise the health of our eyes?? 

  13th Mar:  Food additives - what are they and how to avoid the risks?

  10th Apr:  Thyroid function - how can it be improved?

  15th May:  Lyme disease - what are the challenges of this epidemic??

   12th Jun:  Meditation - how does it contribute to health?

   10th Jul:   Fascia - how does this tissue explain several complementary therapies?

   18th Sep:  Gut Health - how can we maximise it?

     9th Oct:  Sleep - how can we maximise the quantity and quality?

   13th Nov:  Sunshine - more harm than good?

     4th Dec:  Rheumatoid arthritis - is it possible to reduce the effects?

   15th Jan:  Oral Health -
why is it so important for health?

   12th Feb:  Fasting - what are the benefits of the 21st Century alternatives?

   11th Mar:  Functional symptoms - how does the body get it so wrong?

   13th May:  Hearing and balance - is it possible to protect these senses?

   10th Jun:  Osteoporosis - how to avoid the risks?

     8th Jul:  Dietary fibre - more harm than good?

    In Chesham, Buckinghamshire
  10am-12pm on Mondays:

  14th Jan:   The Pineal Gland - why is it so special?

  11th Feb:   Telepathy and ESP - what is the evidence?

  11th Mar:   Chronic Fatigue syndromes - how can we reduce the impact?
     8th Apr:   Hearing and Balance - is it possible to protect these special senses?

  13th May:  Thyroid function - how can it be improved?

  10th Jun:   Meditation - how does it contribute to health?

     8th Jul:   Gut health - how can we maximise it?

   16th Sep:   The Microbiome - how important is it for health?

     7th Oct:   Cholesterol - is it such a hazard to health?

   11th Nov:   Mobile phones - how can we minimise all the risks?

     2nd Dec:   Communication between plants - how and why?

   13th Jan:   Herbal medicine - what is effective, the medical or holistic approach?

   10th Feb:   Energy models - how do they help us understand life and health?

    9th Mar:   Fasting - does it have a role in the 21st Century?

  11th May:   Sleep - how can we maximise the quantity and quality?

    8th Jun:   Oral hygiene - why is it vital to health?

    6th Jul:    Microplastics - why are they such a hazard to health?


Each session will include time for questions, answers and general discussion during a break for tea.

Please arrive promptly to avoid disruption of the group.

Cost: £10 per session

Booking - for further details or to book your place, email   or call  07891 095648