Evidence for the Effectiveness of Treatment

Over a three-year period I carried out a research project at a university.  The patients included in the study presented with a wide range of symptoms and conditions.  From the research project, that used a validated outcome measure (MYMOP), it was found that a high proportion of patients gained statistically significant benefit from the treatments. Conditions treated in the course of the research project included: fatigue, stress, emotional problems, sleep disturbance, digestive upsets, pains in the back, neck, shoulders and legs, headaches and joint pains.

Details of the research have been published in the naturopathy profession’s British Naturopathic Journal (Isbell B. and Carroll S., (2007). Clinical Outcome  Research at a University Polyclinic. British Naturopathic Journal 24 (1) 10-13) as well as Fulcrum, which is the journal for the craniosacral therapy profession (Isbell B. and Carroll S., (2007). The Effectiveness of Craniosacral Treatment. Fulcrum, 41, 2-5).