Visits and charges

What happens in a consultation?

During your first visit a detailed case history will be taken about any symptoms, as well as your health and wellbeing. All consultations are confidential. Which of the treatments or combination of craniosacral therapy, massage, manipulative therapy, naturopathy or healing is most suited to your individual needs, will be discussed with you. If a condition is not suitable for treatment with these therapies, referral to another healthcare practitioner will be discussed. The treatments last for up to one hour.

For naturopathy, craniosacral therapy and healing you remain fully clothed during the treatment.  However, for  massage and manipulative therapy, to effectively carry out any tests and the treatment, you are likely to have to undress down to your underclothes.  Please discuss any reservations prior to giving consent to treat and do ask for explanations at anytime.

Subsequent appointments will involve a brief evaluation of your progress before treatment is provided.


Initial consultation and follow ups

Children under 16 years
Payment needs to be by cash, cheque or bank transfer





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