Craniosacral therapy and healing

These therapies are particularly safe and gentle and are appropriate for a wide range of health problems.  Craniosacral therapy is based on restoring harmony and balance to the whole person through gentle touch particularly to the head (cranium) and back (sacrum).  These therapies are normally very calming and it is usual for the patient to feel very relaxed and balanced afterwards.

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This therapy is one of the oldest forms of medicine in the world and is based on principles such as:
• Treating the individual
• Treating the cause not the symptoms
• Treating the whole body not just the affected area
• Empowering the patient
Treatments include: advice on diet, nutrition and lifestyle, stress management, hydrotherapy, exercises and counselling.

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Massage and Manipulative Therapy

These treatments are for a wide range of health problems relating to the muscles, joints and ligaments.  Normally in the treatment the practitioner will need to sense with their hands the muscles and movement of the joints of your body.  Manipulative Therapy includes techniques to relax or strengthen specific muscles as well as
to realign and normalise the movement of joints.



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